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When Is Bone Grafting Necessary?

Bone loss in the jaw affects your oral health, the natural contours of your face and the ability to replace missing teeth with dental implants. Like natural teeth, implants require adequate bone quality and quantity for support, and to be successful. Bone loss can be caused by factors that include periodontal (gum) disease, trauma and chronic tooth loss. If you have experienced bone deterioration in areas of tooth loss, a bone grafting procedure may be necessary to rebuild a solid foundation in the jaw, to successfully support dental implants. An experienced dentist, Dr. Samuel Jirik performs both bone grafting and comprehensive dental implant procedures, saving you the inconvenience of visiting multiple offices for your care.

Types of Bone Grafting Procedures


Ridge Augmentation

Bone loss in the jaw diminishes natural contours, along with the height and width of the bony arch. Ridge augmentation adds bone tissue to improve appearance, restore function and provide adequate bone support for dental implants.


Ridge (Socket) Preservation

When a tooth must be extracted, it is important to preserve the bony socket for future tooth replacement. Ridge preservation adds bone tissue directly to an extraction site to fill in tooth sockets, preparing the area for future dental implant placement.


Sinus Lift

Placing dental implants in the upper molar and premolar sites often presents a challenge, as bone height may be inadequate due to close proximity of the maxillary sinus. A sinus lift procedure gently raises the floor of the sinus, adding bone in or around the sinus cavity to create sufficient bone tissue for implant support.

The Bone Grafting Process

When performing a bone grafting procedure, Dr. Jirik utilizes bone tissue samples from either your own mouth or a donor source. The bone tissue is surgically placed in areas of deterioration, and allowed to integrate with existing tissue. In keeping with our guiding philosophy of modern, comfortable care, we take the most minimally invasive approach to rebuilding your bone tissue. We also offer relaxing sedation dentistry solutions, to ensure total comfort during your bone grafting procedure.

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Nearly 30 Years of Bone Grafting Experience

Since 1990, Dr. Jirik has been performing bone grafting procedures to successfully rebuild lost bone in the jaw. Having been taught by the creator of the bone grafting technique, Dr. Hilt O. Tatum, he is proud to put his extensive expertise and refined skill to work in restoring the oral health and lives of our patients. He and our team welcome you to experience the safe, effective, state-of-the-art care for which we have become known.

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