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Heather: Botox Patient

Recapture a Youthful Appearance

How would you like to reduce signs of aging, and enjoy a more youthful appearance? Smooth, supple skin around the eyes, mouth, nose and forehead is the perfect complement to a radiant, healthy smile. Dr. Samuel Jirik and our team are pleased to offer BOTOX® and Restylane®, cosmetic treatments that minimize the appearance of crow’s feet, laugh lines and wrinkles, and visually improve facial tissues for a younger-looking you. These treatments are minimally invasive, and offer a non-surgical alternative to turning back the hands of time. Though both BOTOX® and Restylane® solutions are a simple process, the cosmetic results are dramatic, with some patients even seeing improvement after a single visit.

Dr. Jirik talks about Botox

Anti-Aging Cosmetic Treatments

  • Botox:
    Targeting crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles and frown lines between the eyebrows, BOTOX works by temporarily relaxing muscle activity to smooth the skin in these facial areas. Results typically are noticeable within 24 to 48 hours and last up to four months.
  • Restylane:
    One of the most effective dermal fillers, Restylane is a hyaluronic mixture targeting moderate to deep lines and wrinkles around the nose and mouth (laugh lines). Restylane is also an excellent option for increasing fullness of the lips in patients aged 21 and older. Results are often noticeable immediately, and typically last between six to 12 months.

Benefits of BOTOX® and Restylane® Cosmetic Facial Enhancements

  • Address multiple facial areas
  • Decrease facial lines and wrinkles associated with aging
  • Reduce crow’s feet, brow lines, laugh lines and forehead wrinkles
  • Increase volume and fullness in lips and skin (dermal fillers)
  • Dramatic results for a more youthful appearance
  • Improves self-confidence
  • Fast-acting and effective
  • No downtime
  • Minimally invasive
Heather talks about her experience with Botox

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