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Minimally Invasive Procedures Deliver Exceptional Smile Results

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Comfortable Laser Care for Your Smile

When it comes to treating your smile, we believe in offering the highest standard of care in the most minimally invasive way possible. Dr. Samuel Jirik and our team are proud to offer the latest in advanced laser technology. Our highly specific diode soft tissue laser effectively targets treatment areas, without disturbing surrounding healthy tissues. Patients report laser treatment to be faster, more comfortable and extremely convenient. This reduces time spent in the dental chair and minimizes anxiety surrounding traditional approaches to improving the smile with soft tissue cosmetic procedures.

Cosmetic Laser Procedures

We use our soft tissue laser to perform the following procedures:


Crown Lengthening

Also known as “gummy smile treatment,” esthetic crown lengthening gently removes excess gum tissue from around the teeth, leaving behind a uniform, radiant smile. The appearance of short teeth or an uneven gum line is easily reversed with gummy smile treatment.



With a gingivectomy, we remove overgrown, inflamed or bulbous tissue from around the teeth, without the use of incisions or sutures. Laser gingivectomy care helps treat gum tissues affected by gum disease, reducing periodontal pocket depths and improving gum health.



A laser frenectomy is a simple surgical procedure used to sever a short or tight frenum, also known as a lip-tie or tongue-tie. Treating this type of condition improves oral health, oral function and often smile appearance.

Benefits of Cosmetic Laser Treatment

Laser procedures offer a number of benefits over a traditional approach to crown lengthening, gingivectomy and frenectomy procedures:

  • Gentle, virtually painless process
  • Improved comfort
  • Reduced need for anesthetic
  • Faster healing
  • Minimal bleeding
  • No incisions or sutures

Our Minimally Invasive Approach

By using advanced laser technology, Dr. Jirik takes a more conservative approach to performing gingivectomy, frenectomy and gummy smile treatment. We do offer sedation dentistry services for all of our procedures. However, our laser treatment is so gentle, many patients comfortably receive these services without the need for sedation.

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