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Far Different Than Dentures of the Past

Removable dental appliances are an easy and cost-effective way to restore your oral health and smile after tooth loss. Replacing anywhere from a few to an entire arch of missing teeth, modern solutions are far more comfortable, attractive and functional than those of the past. With today’s technology, we have the ability to create custom partial and full dentures that are lightweight and have more natural-looking gum and tooth esthetics. Dr. Samuel Jirik and our team are excited to help you restore function, beauty and confidence to your smile with modern denture solutions!

Cosmetic Dentures Cabot, AR

Dr. Jirik talks about Dentures

How They Work

We offer both partial and full dentures, made of high-quality materials in a state-of-the-art dental lab. Partials are used when several teeth are missing, but some teeth still exist. These appliances effectively fill gaps left by missing teeth and attach securely to remaining teeth through metal or resin clasps. Full dental appliances replace an entire arch of teeth, and typically are held in place by natural anatomical structures or a small amount of denture adhesive. We also offer implant supported dentures, combining the convenience of full-arch appliances with the benefits of dental implants.

Advantages of Modern Dentures

  • Easily removed for cleaning
  • Custom-made for a secure fit
  • Cost-effective
  • Convenient
  • More comfortable than older appliances
  • Improve appearance of the smile
  • Restore biting and chewing function

Before and After

dentures brandy patient before dentures brandy patient after

Dentures Before and After Case 3

Our Unique Treatment Process

With over 30 years of practice experience, Dr. Jirik has developed a unique process for effectively replacing missing teeth with high-end, natural-looking dentures. Our specialized approach allows you to take part in creating your brand new smile. To start the treatment process, he and our team create diagnostic models and wax-ups of your new set of teeth. This gives you the chance to see the final outcome before we even begin treatment, and us the opportunity to refine your new teeth as needed to ensure your desired results are achieved. Even better, you never have to go without teeth! We create a high-quality temporary (an exact replica of the final product) for you to wear while our lab fabricates your custom denture.

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